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If you have symptoms such as coughing or

fever please make necessary adjustments to

your appointment, thank you and be well.

For the health of all, We are doing our best every day to maintain a hygienic environment.

호흡곤란, 발열, 기침, 설사등 이상 증상이 있는 경우에는 사전에

예약을 변경하여 주시기를 부탁드립니다.

모두의 건강을 위하여 저희는 위생적인 환경을 유지하려고

매일같이 최선을 다하고 있습니다.


Discover The Beauty in You!


   Lavender skin care treats its clients with exceptional care

   by having professional estheticians to help the clients'

   needs with very careful considerations.

    With Lavender Skin Care, you will be the special guest of our

    beautifying service.

▶ Lavender Skin care provides our clients with differentiated

    services by skin care specialists who have been professionally

    trained and practiced for a long time.

▶ Many of our clients see improvements in their skin and

    experience more clean, healthy looking, and attractive than

     just feel good. That is why we provide a customized service

     by individual.

▶  It is definitely nothing to compare to our services for those

     who have received skincare in various places as they feel

     more relaxed with a customized program.

▶  We focus and pride ourselves on our level of customer

     satisfaction and quality of service. All treatments are provided

     in a very private pleasant room which creates complete

     relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment. We equip the best talents

     with the most powerful ingredients and innovative massage

     techniques as well.


▶  We think of our clients' health and skincare before our

     business management.

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Facial Care

Facial skin care is fully optimized for the client’s need. The client’s skin type, and his or her desired outcome, we prepare the perfect skin care products and skills. Lavender Skin Care even considers the client’s occupation, and tries its best to build an image matching the profession.
After a thorough examination of the client’s skin, the current skin care product he or she uses, and knowing his or her worries and outcomes, even a special request, we ready the best treatment.

Acne Treatment

While the nature of pimples likes to appear out of nowhere, it is known to start from the sebaceous follicles. Mainly causes like over production of sebum, pore congestion, acne germ growth, infection reaction, hormone flow, all contributes to acne. When sebaceous gland over produces sebum, some part of it is left inside the skin layer. It will continue to stack and congest pores to worsen acne conditions.

Because there are many reasons—hormone changes, stress, skin congestion from body waste—to acne, its treatment must consider the cause and skin type of individuals. Also, Acne is easy to reoccur, thus to maintain a better skin, a regular treatment and care is strongly recommended.

Acne treatment does not give same results to varying individuals, so to achieve a significant improvement, our staff needs to consult and recommend one’s acne causes and personalized care services.

Special Care

We all have different body shapes and conditions. It is affected by what we eat, but also on our habits and occupations. This also means that our skin is always exposed to outside circumstances. Normally, we do not take interest for our skin unless there are visible symptoms.

Your skin may be exhausted or at its limits after a long exposure or stimulation. Leaving it alone may bring worsened conditions.

We all age and change as the seasons go by. Because it is difficult to care and maintain a healthy skin, we recommend professional’s consultation followed by personalized, fitting special care to one’s needs.


*  Ask & Appointment: Specialist phone number

    [You can't make an appointment online]

1. Eyebrows Tattoo

    (Natural Tattoo: 3D, 4D Microblading)

2. Eyeliner Tattoo

3. Lip Tattoo(Full Color)

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Silver V - lifting

90min l $150

  5sessions l $700

10sessions l $1,200

Gold V - lifting + Lifting Laser

90min l $200

10sessions l $1,800

Special C - whitening

120min l $250

10sessions l $2,000

Back Acupressure Facial 

120min l $250

10sessions l $2,200

Facial Care & Acne Combination

120min l $200

10sessions l $1,800

acne treatment

Acne - 1 Treatment

120min l $200

Acne - 2 Treatment

150min l $250


Hydro Impact Toning

$200 per session

Blue Deep Sea Herbal Peel

90min l $200

Herb Peel

60min l $150

Enzyme Peel

60min l $100

24K Gold Therapy

90min l $200

Micro-Needle Therapy

120min l $300

3sessions l $750

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

120min(only) l $300

B. B Glow (3sessions)

60min l $300

C. C Glow (3sessions)

60min l $300


* Ask & Appointment:

   Specialist phone number

   [You can't make an appointment online]

   Eyebrows  Tattoo: $300

    (Natural Tattoo: 3D, 4D Microblading)

   Eyeliner Tattoo$250

   Lip Tattoo(Full Color)$400



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Back Acupressure & Facial

Facial & Acne Combination

Acne Treatment

Hydro Impact Toning

Blue Deep Sea Herbal Peel

Herb Peel

Enzyme Peel

24K Gold Therapy

Micro-Needle Therapy

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

B.B Glow

C.C Glow

Tattoo(Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip)

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